BIBIANA Denmark is a non-profit organisation, that works to teach art and culture to children. BIBIANA Denmark wants to inspire children, but also to learn from their creative ideas. Our standingpoint is always children’s book illustrations, and based on a world of tales, imagination, shapes and colours, we develop inspiring exhibitions, workshops, educational programs and other art activities for children.

The dream
BIBIANA Denmark is a place of great ambitions and dreams. Illustration art is det focus of our work, but we want to be more than just an exhibition platform for illustration art. We want to be the first cultural house for children in Denmark. We want to be the voice of the children and we want to be available to all children in Denmark.

Illustration art
The beating heart of BIBIANA is shaped by children’s books illustrations, and that is why illustration art is always a part of our projects. The illustration art does something very special: It tells its stories through pictures that only needs the imagination to be understood. They are not limited by reading skills, borders or language barriers. They speak to all of us and open our eyes to new worlds, new realities and new ways of thinking.

Art and innovative art communication for children
BIBIANA Denmark is the first organisation in Denmark that exclusively communicate art made for children. We also only communicate this art to children. Everything we make is created for children and on their conditions. But the adults can still join the activities!

Art for children in all of Denmark 
We communicate art to children in all of Denmark. We don’t just exhibit in museum building in bigger cities, but travel the whole country with our exhibitions. We exhibit aboard our art ship M/S BIBIANA, that since 2015 has visited both small and big harbor cities.

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We are always updated on the latest trends in illustration art, because of our collaborations with national and international art houses. Especially our permanent collaboration med BIBIANA – House of Art for Children in Slovakia is a cornerstone in our work.

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Activities and projects:
BIBIANA Denmark creates:

  • Innovative exhibitions based on children’s books illustrations
  • Creative workshops
  • Educational programs for school classes
  • Educational material for elementary schools

Other than that we have:

  • A gallery filled with children’s books illustrations in Ørestad
  • A world library with picture books from all over the world
  • A kids club where families with children can unfold their creativity
  • M/S BIBIANA – The first art ship for children in Denmark

We are also the creators of:

  • Danish children’s illustrations Biennale

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