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Ikuno Ohata
Illustrator: Ikuno Ohata


10th-12th november: BookForum

The children could set their imagination free and dive into the deep blue, accompanied by wonderful, fabulating and talented danish children’s book illustrators. Below sea level the children could explore and meet mermaids, sea creatures and mariners with tall tales from the seven seas.


There is a lot of tattooshops in the ocean. Mermaids love tattoos. They often meet in the tattooshops to have their torsos decorated. The children at Book Forum helped the illustrators Lea Hebsgaard Andersen, Stine Illum og Anna Jacobina Jacobsen making great underwater tattoos for our special guests from the depths of the sea.


Other activities below sea level:

  • Read illustrated fairytales, about the ocean, from all over the world.
  • Explore the ocean and meet whimsical sea creatures
  • Explore some of the best children’s book illustrations in the world
  • Take a break and immerse in one of our puzzles

About Sumo:

The project at BookForum 2017 is developed by BIBIANA Denmark in collaboration with Sumo.

Sumo Illustration consists of on body inhabited by three illustrators: Lea Hebsgaard Andersen, Stine Illum and Anna Jacobina Jacobsen. In the spacious body they draw and think of great new thing. Some days there are huge mermaids growing out of the pencils. Other days the thoughts are turning into picture books. Meanwhile there a days to drink coffee and stare out the window, hoping for a bird to fly by. Sumo Illustration was a part of M/S BIBIANAs Denmark expedition in 2017.


11th – 13th november: BookForum

In 2016 we had an amazing experience at BookForum in Bella Center. Our workshop was located in the new children’s area and it was a big hit among the participators. We had 135 square meters filled with virtual reality, a library, a workshop, an exhibition of illustrations and no less than two podiums with architecture models made by children on this years expedition in North Jutland. Our workshop was a true sailor-workshop, crowded by eager young landlubbers and the adults.

August – october: Denmark Expedition – The adventurous harbor 

The expedition in 2017 went to North Jutland where we visited 10 different harbor cities and more than 200 elementary school classes.

With us on board we had the project “The adventurous habor” about architecture on the harbor, creativity and user involvement for children. The visiting children was taught architectural methods and the imagination ran freely. The children contributed with their bid on what to build on the local labor in order to make it more adventurous and alluring. During the workshops the children builded a model of their harbor architecture and afterwards drew them in a virtual reality program.


Read more about the expedition on M/S BIBIANAs hjemmeside

May – november: Colourful Rights

Over the summer and fall BIBIANA has held a number of workshops under the name ‘Colourful Rights’. A total of 1000 children and teenager contributed to an artistic interpretation of the children’s convention and the human rights. The children’s artworks were afterwards hung un colorful painted trees and exhibited, first at selected places in Ørestad and later on at BookForum.

The project originated from the slovak exhibition “Human Rights through Children’s Eyes”, which was also exhibited at the library of Ørestad Bibliotek in the same period.


Read more about Colourful Rights.

January – february: Mega Size light art

In january og february a selection of illustrations from the 2015 exhibition on M/S BIBIANA, was exhibited as mega size light art (600m2) at the facade of Fields in Copenhagen. The illustrations is from the exhibitions “Sea Fairy Tales”  from Estonia og “Sailing tales from Slovakia”.

Illustrator Vladimír Král Fotograf: Peter Sørensen
Illustrator: Vladimír Král. Fotograf: Peter Sørensen


6th-8th november: BookForum in Bella Center

At BookForum in 2015 in Bella Center we exhibited the illustration art works that was with us on board og the sailing art ship M/S BIBIANA at this year’s expedition. There were also workshops, activities and tales from the seven seas, associated with the exhibition. Children’s book illustrator and teaching responsible from BIBIANA, Ida Ecner, created in collaboration with the children an artwork on one of the original sails from the schooner.

“Maleri på sejl” af børn på BogForum 2015 og BIBIANAs undervisningsansvarlige, Ida Exner


27th  juli – 9th oktober: M/S BIBIANA – Sailing Tales 

2015 was the year where BIBIANA with aid from the Nordea Fund, launched the children’s ship of art M/S BIBIANA. An impressive schooner was converted til one big exhibition of art with legends, myths and tales from the seven seas, narrated through children’s book illustrations, workshops, education and cultural activities. The exhibitions on board were: “Sea Fairy Tales” fra Estland og “Sailing Tales from Slovakia”.

M/S BIBIANA aka Aktiv ved DOKK 1 i Århus.  Foto: tak til IBBY
M/S BIBIANA aka Aktiv by DOKK1 in Aarhus.
Foto: IBBY Denmark

Læs mere om M/S BIBIANA

22th august: The opening of the circle bridge

At the opening day of the circle bridge the ding from M/S BIBIANA was the first to sail through the bridge. Its sail, illustrated by Peter Uchnárs looked great and reminded us of the voice of the children, which is also portrayed in the playful architecture of Olafur Eliasson. A big thanks to the Nordea Fund and congratulations to Copenhagen.

Illustrator: Peter Uchnár Photographer: Lone Petersen


28th – 30th august: Cultural days in Ørestad

n collaboration with City & Harbor and the water guild in Ørestad, BIBIANA Denmark launched the exhibition “Sea Fairy Tales” fra Estonia og “Sailing Tales from Slovakia”. The exhibitions are selektions of award-winning children’s book illustrations that tells legends and fairy tales from the seven seas. A number of workshops was held in connection to the exhibition. The children folded art ships and drew their very own sea creatures under the title “If the island was a whale”.

January – february: Mega Size light art

In january and february a selection from the Danish Biennale of Children-illustrations” was exhibited as mega light art (600 m2) at the facade of Fields in Copenhagen.

Mega Size Lyskunst - Dansk Børneillustrations Biennale 2014
Illustrator: konkurrencebidrag til Dansk Børneillustrations Biennale 2014


7th – 9th november: BookForum

During the fall of 2014 BIBIANA Denmark launched, in collaboration with the Danish Biennale of Children-illustration, the first biennale of children’s book illustrations, in Denmark. The biennale honored and exhibited some of Denmarks best children’s books illustration with the goal to strengthen illustration art and make the active role of the genre more visible to a contemporary cultural life for children.The contributions to the competition were exhibited in out booth at BookForum.


Udvalg af konkurrencebidrag til Dansk Børneillustrations Biennale

Read more about Danish Children’s illustrations Biennale

19th september – 28th november: Annarestan – Land of pomegranates

An adventurous exhibition of Irans finest and most innovative children’s book illustrations. The works were exhibited from september 19th and november 28th at the library of Ørestad. The exhibition consisted of 16 young, internationally recognized illustrators works, from 16 different iranian children’s books.

Anaarestan – Land of the Pomegranate

Læs mere om Anaarestan – Granatæbleland

September – october: Children are building Ørestad

BIBIANA Denmark held a number of wondrous architectural workshops for children and adults. A group of leading architects and professional educators of architecture helped the children opening up to a building site for the imagination. There was a lot of debate and the children were both encouraged and inspired to awaken their inner architect.  afholdte en række forunderlige arkitekturworkshops og saloner for børn og voksne.

Result from the workshop ‘Children are building Ørestad’ 

Læs mere om Børn Bygger Ørestad

January – february: Mega Size Light Art

In january and february the winning works from “The Biennal of Illustrations Bratislava 2013” and the danish contributions was projected as mega light art (600 m2) at the facade of Fields, Copenhagen.

Illustrator: kommer snart.
Illustrator: Vinderne fra “The Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava 2013″ samt de danske bidrag


Autumn: The Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava 2013

All the winning works of “The Biennial of Illustrations Bratislava 2013” and the danish contributions were exhibited at the library of Ørestad, at BookForum and in the premises of BIBIANA Denmark.

13th june – 4th october: Tailor in Hell 

An exhibition of the original works from the danish teacher’s union’s anthology “Tailor in hell” at the library of Ørestad and in the premises of BIBIANA Danmark.

Undervisningsituation "Skrædder i Helvede"
Undervisningsituation            “Skrædder i Helvede”


6th march – 15th april: Children’s book illustrations from all over the world (Kinderbuchillustrationen Aus Aller Welt) The exhibition “Woundrous tales” is a retrospective exhibition of award winning children’s book illustrations, curated for the library of Flensborg.

iPhone Image 5F6FB7

Forunderlige Fortællinger på Flensborg Bibliotek


23th october 2012 – 31th january 2013: Peter’s Peter Pan and Magic Slovakia

The exhibitions “Peter’s Peter Pan” og “Magic Slovakia” were exhibited at the library of Ørestad. “Peter’s Peter Pan” consists of 70 original illustration artworks by the awardwinning illustrator Peter Uchnár while “Magic Slovakia” is a photo exhibition by the recognizes photographer Ladislav Struhár. The exhibition was opened by the slovak president and the danish minister og culture. In connection to this exhibition there was free, interactive educational programme in composition for elementary school classes, developed by DR Musikariet.

Overblik til åbningen_IMG_2783
Åbning af “Peter’s Peter Pan” & “Magic Slovakia” på Ørestad Bibliotek


Efterår: From Hand to Hand

A traveling charity-exhibition curated by the japanese Nana Furiya with 56 original works from artists from all over the world were exhibited at BookForum and in BIBIANA Denmarks own gallery in Ørestad.

fra kataloget fremadrettet 2016-02-17
Fra kataloget “From Hand to Hand” efter besøget i Danmark


Autumn: Wondrous Tales

A retroperspective exhibition of 123 international award-winning children’s book illustrations was established in a huge exhibition hall in Fields.


Bibiana004 copy

Udsnit af udstillingen Forunderlige Fortællinger
Udsnit af udstillingen Forunderlige Fortællinger. Foto: By & Havn

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