In connection to our exhibitions and the children’s club, we hold workshops, where the children’s imagination can be put into free play trough art and great tales. The project is supported by Amager Amager Vest Lokaludvalg, By & Havn, GF Ørestad City og GF Ørestad Syd.

Previous workshops.

This year we focused on the nature and how art kan be created with a starting point in nature.

BIBIANAN Børneklub

Sunday, august 27th 2017 Sebastian Klein led an exciting nature walk in Naturepark Amager, in collaboration with Amager forest helpers, artists and illustrators. In the following weeks we offered a number of workshops, held by artists and illustrators, all about creating art with a starting point in the nature.

  • Saturday 2th september 2017 11AM-14PM, Naturcenter Amager, Granatvej 3-15, 2770 Kastrup.

  •  Sunday 10th. september 2017 11AM-14pm, Ørestads Boulevard 55 B, 2300 KBH S Led by artist Maria Lau Krogh. We put together beautiful shapes and colors, inspired by animals and plant using a special printing-technic.

  •  Sunday 24th september 2017 11AM-14PM

  •  Sunday 1th oktober 2017 11AM-14PM, led by illustrator and product designer Martine Noring, Ørestads Boulevard 55B, 2300 KBH S. The beauty of the nature was made into a unique universe based on the participates own experiences.

    Afterwards the children’s artworks were exhibited at Naturcenter Amager an in BIBIANA Denmarks own galleri at Ørestads Boulevard 55B.


Fall 2016:

  • If the city was a virtual whale.

What is hiding in the water, where the beach is turning into the ocean? BIBIANA Children’s club invited all children between the age og 6 and 14 to participate in an exciting art-workshop where we created art in virtual reality. We took the children on an adventure into the world of illustration art and fairy tales. It became really magical when we drew 3-dimensional drawings in virtual reality – under water!

We mixed fairy tales with great life-questions, and magical illustration art was created through fine and creative processes18813837_1476527582368971_1507021290402642214_n

Workshop i efteråret 2016: COLOURFUL RIGHTS – Menneskerettigheder illustreret af børn og unge


  • 3d september and saturday 22th october, 11AM-13PM at the library of Ørestad.
  • Monday 31th october, 15PM-17PM at Solvang library, Remisevej 14.

More than 1000 children and teenagers from Ørestad school, the Dyvekeschool and Ørestad Gymnasium each made an illustration work med starting point in the human rights and the children’s convention. In advance of the workshop everyone had learned about the children’s convention and the human rights, which they afterwards interpreted through artworks.

The 1000 works were hung up on painted trees and exhibited at a vernissage at Ørestad Cultural Day 20th august. After that the trees and the great works were exhibited in Ørestad City Park, FIELDS, by the library of Ørestad, Ørestad School, the Dyvekeschool and Solvang library. Lastly the works were exhibited at BogForum in Bellacentret, november.